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Masters Degree in Divine Economy Theory

To earn a Masters Degree the student needs to examine each diagram from the first three books in the series and answer eloquently the questions posed. Once accomplished it will be the originator of the divine economy theory that will award you with a Masters Degree in divine economy theory.

A helpful tool to accompany you as you pursue a Masters Degree in the divine economy theory is to view the Divine Economy Theory Video Channel.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Divine Economy Theory

To earn a Ph.D. the student will need to complete the Masters Degree in Divine Economy Theory. This is the equivalent to understanding the information contained in all of the diagrams in MASTERY of Ethical Economics; exhibited by eloquently written answers to the specific questions associated with each diagram. Next the student will have to eloquently demonstrate an understanding of the diagrams contained in Liberty & Justice of Economic Equilibrium. In addition the student will have to contribute something original to the divine economy theory.

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Now (we all know that time is of the essence) it is important to make this valuable information available to the people of the world. For this purpose I will accept donations to endow the Divine Economy Theory Institute. Contact me if you are interested.