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Together we will consult about solutions to your problems.

Whether an individual, an organization, a business firm, or a jurisdiction; it matters not since the divine economy theory is comprehensive and ethical and intimately connected to justice.


As part of the educational program of the corporate sales department.

To contribute to creating a culture of entrepreneurship within corporations.

To introduce students that are in the fields of study of economics or ethics or philosophy or law, to a different perspective.

To develop an entrepreneurial culture among you and your peers.

To begin the real process of an ever-advancing civilization, starting with you!

To begin the process contact me.

To get a feel for what I can offer go to the Divine Economy Theory Video Channel.

Now (we all know that time is of the essence) it is important to make this valuable information available to the people of the world. For this purpose I will accept donations to endow the Divine Economy Theory Institute. Contact me if you are interested.