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I am the author of divine economy theory books and models.

Bruce Koerber grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, although currently he lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Bruce is an economist in the classical liberalism tradition. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in forestry and two Masters Degrees. 

While studying economics at Auburn University in 1985 he learned of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and began avidly reading and studying about free market economics. 

All of my books are formatted to also serve as textbooks:


. . . is a macroeconomics book, published in 2008. It takes its place as the first book in the divine economy theory sequence. It can readily serve as an alternative macroeconomics textbook.

The HUMAN ESSENCE of Economics

. . . was published in 2009. This book is about microeconomics, it is the second book in the series, and it can readily serve as an alternative microeconomics textbook. 

ETHICAL ECONOMICS for today and tomorrow

. . . is the third book in the series, published in 2010. This book demonstrates the inseparability of ethics and economics. This is the best ethical economics textbook ever written!

Liberty & Justice of Economic Equilibrium

. . . is the fourth and final book in the divine economy theory sequence. Published in 2011, it can serve as an extremely valuable foundational textbook in law and economics.

You can now interact with me more directly by visiting the Divine Economy Theory Video Channel.

Now (we all know that time is of the essence) it is important to make this valuable information available to the people of the world. For this purpose I will accept donations to endow the Divine Economy Theory Institute. Contact me if you are interested.